Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4 Months

Once again I've missed the date of her actual 4 month milestone, but oh well. Hopefully I'll make up for it with these awesome pictures of her:

 Obligatory monthly carpet photo:

 This series is what life is like on a daily basis:

Haha the second picture cracks me up...she spotted something that caught her attention!

Sharing something funny...

This picture isn't technically any good, but I love it because it's just SO her!
Seriously she is the happiest baby I've ever known!

Her stats for this month:

- Weighs a whopping 11lbs and some change. She's actually in the 9th percentile for her weight...the dr. was a tad bit concerned but she's just tiny like her sister was!

- Is in the 34th percentile for her height...24 inches!! Whoot whoot

- Still wearing anything from 0-3 months

- Recently discovered her feet along with her fists so there's double the drool all over her!

- Has been "talking" more. And laughing of course.

- Started trying to roll over but then realized it was too much work

- Tries to reach her toes so it looks like she's always doing crunches

- Loves watching her sister do anything

- Will give "kisses" if you ask often enough :)


Samara Jade, you are beautiful inside and out and I can't help but feel blessed everytime I look at you. You light up the room with your smile and have an infectious laugh. You truly are a happy baby and I hope that never changes. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. Happy Four Months, love bug!
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