Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's About Time. Seriously.

How old is my daughter? Eight months?! It's only taken me that long to FINALLY finish her crib skirt. I suppose I've been busy doing other things but whatever, there really is no excuse. I don't even think I've even shown you her room since we "finished" it. Total slacker.

Anyway, the crib skirt is nothing fancy, just a simple piece of material that covers the bottom of her crib. I wanted it to be adjustable so when we raise or lower the mattress the skirt could be easily lengthened or shortened. Instead of one piece, I made three different panels and sewed ties to the top (which tie to the metal base under the mattress). Like I said, nothing fancy. I didn't really take any pictures of the process because I was focused on just getting it done. Here it is on the crib:

I don't think I ever showed you the bumper that Brian's grandma made either. I gave her all the material and my "vision" and she made it happen. Now the curtains don't look so random in the space :)

(her sheets are actually pink but miss thang likes sleeping on this blanket because it's super soft and comfy. diva.)

(here's a better picture of the "layers" of the skirt, sheet, blanket and bumper)

While I'm at it, here are some pictures of her nursery. Notice the HUGE space above her crib? Yes, that is where her name is supposed to be. Yet another project that I have yet to finish! Ugh. Hopefully in the next few days. Hopefully.

(see that cute lamp shade? more details in another post. way cute, but an epic fail!)

Now all that's left is to find a rug that will finish up the space. OH and put her name up on the wall. Hopefully it won't take another eight months for that to happen. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eight Months

What a month this has been! You took your first road trip, starting eating finger foods, dropped a nap, and started crawling! All within a few weeks too. You had been scooting everywhere (well, when you were motivated enough) but today you got up on your knees and kept going. You haven't quite mastered it just yet but I'm sure you will within a matter of days. This is what we were able to watch you do today (ignore the disposable diaper...she wore her skinny jeans and her cloth diapers are a bit snug in them):

(Did you notice what motivated her to move so quickly?! Hahaha)

We're so proud of you, munchkin. You're maturing so quickly and it's so exciting to watch you take everything in. Although, you've started to get frustrated when we don't understand what it is you're trying to "tell" us. In fact, you've perfected the whine (which drives your momma nuts sometimes) while trying to gesture to what you want. It's an interesting game we play to try and figure out what it is you want, but hopefully you'll start speaking soon. I know you're learning more than we can even imagine and we can't wait until we can have conversations with you about the things you're learning. The ladies in the nursery at church always comment on what a good baby you are and how confident you are. They were quite surprised that you didn't cry or whine the first time we dropped you off there, and they get so excited when we you arrive.

We don't know how much you currently weigh but Bri guesses about 16lbs. You're still wearing an assortment of sizes anywhere from 0-9 months, depending on the brand. You continue to sleep 12+ hours at night and take 30 minute naps during the day. You do surprise us now and then with a 45min nap, and the other day you took a 2hr nap! I was so excited! You love to give kisses and are SO nosy curious. Nursing you has become an ordeal if there is anything/anyone within earshot, and you love to stare at watch strangers; it's a good thing you're so cute!

Thank you for making our lives complete. You make us laugh and bring such joy to our home. You are a delight to be around and bring smiles to everyone you meet. Your sweet nature is an example of God's love in your life and we pray that He continues to have His hand on you always. We love you our sweet girl.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorite

Once again I couldn't pick just here you go...

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finger Foods

Yes, it's been a while. No, I have no excuse other than I just didn't feel like blogging.

Not too much is going on over here. Unless you count baby girl starting to feed herself a big deal. Uh yeah, I do! She's been eating her puffs and yogurt melts for a few weeks now but in the last few days she has progressed to "real" finger foods. Chunks of whatever we're eating (within reason) somehow find its way into her mouth. We can now share a string cheese! And yes, my baby loves her cheese just as much as her momma. 

Yum, cheese crunchies AND string favorite snack, mom!

Anayah's buddy Jack started to refuse anything on a spoon so Mandy decided to try some finger food recipes and I offered to help. We attempted to make Apple Turkey Loaf Sticks, Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Potato Pizzas, and Cheesy Veggie Nuggets. Note to self, when you alter the amount of sweet potatoes, also alter the amount of oil. Hehe. For the most part, it all turned out great and Anayah loves all of it. She is so proud of herself that she can eat on her own. She still lets me feed her rice cereal and stuff but I have to make sure to give her bits of food on her tray so she can feed herself as well.

So this is what I've been missing out on huh?! I love finger foods!
Our baby girl is growing up so fast! She's almost fully crawling these days as well. I'll have to show it to you later. I gotta go plan her menus for the rest of the week. One thing about eating "real" foods, it requires more thought on my part to make sure she is getting a balanced meal at every feeding. Good times. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mini Vacay

So we're back. 

Our trip to Vegas was fun. Brian's team didn't win the tournament but he did fabulous. For those who "speak" baseball, he ended up 8 for 15, with 3 doubles, 1 triple, 3 stolen bases, 4 RBIs and 6 runs scored. For those who don't speak baseball, just know that those are very impressive stats. He played a total of 4 games in two days (their team made it as far as the first round of playoffs) which has left him a bit sore but he loved every minute of it! He was on fire and we're so proud of him!

(Nice form!)

(Run, Spotts, Run!)

When we weren't at the ball field, we just relaxed and hung out at the hotel. Baby girl did great for her first road trip, staying in a random place, and being off her schedule. Now that we're back, getting her back on it (plus the adjustment to daylight savings) will be the interesting part! Hopefully she'll cooperate!

(I'm on vacation, what do you want?!)

(The girls in their hats)

(I do declare, this weather is just divine!)

(Time to head home, guys, let's go. I'll drive!)

We'll be back in a couple of days once we've gotten back on track!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Favorite

Trying to look innocent after making a huge mess with her toys!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

We're taking a mini vacay. Baby girl packed her bags and is ready to go!

(This one's ready to go mom. Need help with anything else?)

Be back soon. 

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Another Creative Outlet

Those of you who have been reading this crazy blog for a while know that I like doing projects that allow me to be somewhat creative, whether it's home decor or sewing or DIY projects. Well, I recently added yet another crafty/projecty task to my repertoire. Thanks to my friend Mandy, I have started a scrapbook for baby girl.

Uh oh.

I've always been intrigued by the scrapbooking world but never wanted to be a part of it because I know that it can be expensive and addicting and time consuming! I always steered clear of those aisles in Joann's that had all the little decals and stickers and paper because I knew once I peeked inside, I would be sucked in!

Then it happened.

Mandy (who is absolutely obsessed crazy about in love with paper supplies and crafts) started a scrapbook for Jack and I thought it was so cute and something Anayah would love to have (sure mom, whatever you say) one day. So I thought maybe I would put together a small one just documenting the big events of her first year, and that's it. We were at Joann's one day and I found this small book and these two packets of decals. Mandy has a TON of other scrapbooking supplies so she said I could use whatever she had and didn't need to buy anything else. Pretty cool, I thought, and not so expensive. I can totally do this.

 Ha! Once I started going through all the supplies Mandy had and got to see all the fun paper and stickers and decals, I could feel myself getting sucked in. I ignored the tiny voice in my head that was screaming "retreat, retreat!" and continued to pick out stuff I thought was cute and would look good in A's future scrapbook. After a few minutes, I had hoarded saved this pile of stuff for the scrapbook I had yet to start.

 Hmm, that small scrapbook I bought doesn't seem like it will be big enough for all this fun stuff! I think I might have to buy a bigger one. And apparently I needed a few more packs of "stuff" to fill this bigger book.

 Yikes, I think I've officially crossed over to the dark side. Someone pull me back.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Water Babies

Since the weather has been so nice lately I decided to take advantage. Can you guess where we're going?

 (Swim diaper? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Sunglasses? Check.)

Anayah's friend Jack recently started swim lessons. I really wanted to join them but funds are a bit tight these days. However, Jack graciously offered to teach Anayah everything he is learning in his classes. Yay! Since he has to practice what he is learning anyway, we said, sure, we'd love to join you! Thanks buddy! So, we gathered the kiddos (and all their gear) and headed to the pool.

(Jack, we're going to the pool...why are you wearing long sleeves?!)

 (I thought we were going swimming? Why are you STILL taking pictures??)

The big pool was a bit chilly so we put them in the hot tub instead. It wasn't very hot and the jets weren't on. It kinda felt like their bath we didn't leave them in there very long. Don't freak out on me people. Focus, focus.

 (Who cares about the pool when I have my shadow to entertain me!)

I don't have any pictures of her in the water as that would have been pretty difficult while trying to make sure she didn't drown. Priorities, people. Just know that she is a total water baby. A fish, I tell you! She wasn't afraid at all and just had so much fun! Even when I dunked her under! Both of them did so well and Jack was an excellent teacher! Can't wait to see what we'll learn next week!

(Jack you're the best swim instructor ever!) (Aww Anayah, you're embarrassing me...)

Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Favorite

She and daddy were practicing a new hair do. I think I like the old one better :)

Happy Friday!

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