Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012 :: Illumination

So this is A's third Halloween. I'm sure you remember her previous costumes


Hehe, wasn't she just the cutest?! Anyway, in previous years we've spent Halloween with her buddy Jack, trick-or-treating with his family in their neighborhood. Well this year we decided to switch things up a bit. Miss A is at that age where things are starting to scare her and I really didn't feel like taking her out at night to possibly be exposed to scary costumes/decorations/people and have her freak out. Ummm, nightmares? No thank you. So we decided to attend our church's Halloween alternative called "Illumination." Costumes were allowed as long as they weren't scary. Of course I waited until the last minute to figure out what she was going to be and in the end decided I really didn't want to buy something she would wear once. Sooo what to do, what to do? Raid her closet of course! She must have something in there we can use. This is what we came up with:


having fun at the carnival...the games were too big for her, but she kept herself entertained
after the party, she and Dopey calling her friends to tell them all about it...too bad Dopey is bigger than her!

Aww, she's so cute!! And growing up too fast!! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Recent "Avenchur"

Last week we made our annual trip to AZ for B's World Series Tournament. You can read more about last year's trip here. Well this was our first trip with me being preggo and an active toddler who doesn't like being in her carseat for longer than 30 min. Let's just say I really wasn't looking forward to the drive!! We didn't have to be there until Wednesday afternoon and I didn't really feel like leaving super late Tuesday night after B got home from work so we decided we'd leave early Wednesday morning and hope that A didn't get too antsy. In hopes of keeping her excited, I told her we were going on an adventure. "Avenchur?" was her reply. Yes, honey, an adventure. We talked about the hotel (and the pool) and daddy's baseball games, we talked about being in the car for a long time and all the fun things she could do when we get there. It seemed to go over well and we headed out early for our 5+ hour drive.

 Having fun at our second stop...going to catch the penguin.

I think we ended up making 3 or 4 stops along the way, not necessarily all for her, but stops nonetheless, which wasn't too bad. She had a meltdown toward the end of the trip but that's because it was past lunch time and close to nap time. I wanted her to nap at the hotel rather than in the car. Yeah, right mommy. There's too much too explore in a new hotel room!! Some highlights from the trip:

baseball of course

playing in the dirt/grass at daddy's games

chillin' in the hotel

coloring with daddy between games

more baseball

ummm, napping?! or eating twizzlers I suppose

Overall, the trip was a success. Even though B's team didn't make playoffs this year (hey they can't win EVERY year!) we had a good time. We headed home late Saturday night so A could sleep during the drive and we could have a day at home to recover. When we got home I asked A if she had fun on her adventure. She replied with "yes mommy, time for 'nother avenchur?" Sure thing, kiddo. You've got a really big adventure heading your way soon! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Iiiiiittttt'ssss Aaaaaaa......

I finally had my ultrasound today but Brian couldn't make it so I asked the tech to write down what we were having and seal it in an envelope so I could open it with B when he got home. I enlisted the help of my neighbors with the reveal and they were more than happy to help. Here's what happened:

So exciting!! Now we can start planning the nursery and getting stuff ready :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

More Fall Fun

On Saturday my mom and I took miss A to Julian to go apple picking. I've always wanted to go but seem to miss it every year. Granted the window of time to actually pick your own apples is like 2 weekends so I guess you just have to be in the know when it comes to apples. A lot of the orchards weren't even open for the 2012 season due to weather last year so when I found one that was still open I was super excited! We ended up going to Calico Ranch which is off the 78 a few miles before the actual town of Julian. We went early because I wanted to be able to get back on the road home in time for a decent nap for A. It ended up being a good call though because as we were leaving there were tons of people pouring into the orchard and the little town. Apparently everyone else wanted their fix of apples...oh and there was an Oktoberfest event as well!

 Learning how to twist the apples rather than pluck them...
 Giving it a try
 Looking for some good ones
 It started to get hot so she ditched the picking is serious business!
 Helping grandma fill her bag

 There weren't very many apples remaining on the trees and the ones that were there were all so tiny but A still had a blast twisting her little apples off! They were perfect for her little hands!
 Sampling the goods...
 I love this picture of her for some reason...
 Mouthful of apple is the only way to smile!

She and grandma had fun searching for apples in the middle of the trees or up so high that my mom had to lift A up as high as she could and tell her which apples to pick. It was really quite funny.

 After an hour or so our bag was full and it started getting hot so we packed it up and headed to the town of Julian to walk around and have some pie of course! Before we left she stopped for a quick picture with the scarecrows but refused to look at the camera! Silly girl.

For our first trip to Julian, I'd say it was a success! Can't wait to go again next year. Now I'm off to make a pie with all those apples we brought home!! Yum!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Monday, October 08, 2012

Pumpkin Time

B was off today so after a morning of church, baseball, and donuts, we took naps then headed to the local "pumpkin patch." There weren't as many pumpkins as one would expect for a pumpkin patch but it's still early and it really is mostly just rides and games for the kiddos. There happened to be a groupon for this particular patch including ride coupons and a credit towards pumpkins so you know I scooped that up! You'll remember we visited the pumpkins last year but this year was so fun to see A running around and actually able to go on some of the rides and pick out her own pumpkin.
Do I really need to tell you how much she LOVED the big slides?! She was so excited that she kept going again and again! Daddy was worn out by the time they were done!

heading up by herself...daddy went to rescue her when she got stuck.
 I love the pure delight on her face in these pictures...sorry so blurry, they were movin' fast!

 Can we go AGAIN?!

 all by herself...

 different slide this time

Looking for a special pumpkin...
I think I want this pumpkin, daddy.
Showing off her prize she won from the fishing game...
Sitting with our family pumpkins

And just for fun, here are is last year and this year:
 crazy what a difference a year makes!

See you guys next time!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

It's Finally Fall

The weather has been playing tricks on us. The calendar tells us it's Fall but the temperatures sure don't. Yes it's definitely cooler than the 100+ degrees we were seeing a few weeks ago but it's not the 70s that I'd love for it to be! Heck, even cooler than that would be perfectly fine with me! I suppose my body temperature has been a bit higher these days due to the baby baking in the oven, but come on already, give us a real Fall!

Ok, enough whining. B has been working like crazy these last few weeks, taking advantage of the OT the company is offering, so A and I have been trying to fill our days with fun activities that distract from the fact that daddy's not home. Last week we got a chance to visit the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana with our McCrazy friends. They have a pass and we were their guests so we got in free. Score! Other than losing my phone there (and being without it for 3 days) we had a total blast! Anayah loved being able to run and touch anything she wanted without being scolded. Hehe.

Apparently riding the cat is more fun than just petting it...
 driving her tractor...
 planting and watering some flowers...
 building a space ship
 learning how to decorate a cake...(she really just liked pushing the button!)
 using a miter saw...that's my girl!
 watching some sock puppet show with the gang
 taking turns on the slide
 and playing with the big touch screen game!

She didn't keep still so getting a picture of her actually looking at the camera was a bit tricky but obviously you can tell that she had fun! Thanks again Care for inviting us! Looking forward to the next time when it's not the first Tuesday of the month! :) And yay to DSC for finding my phone and getting it back to me!!
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