Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Dedication & A Leak

Random title, I know. 
Let's jump ahead in our story to Sunday morning. We had Anayah dedicated at church...finally! It was something we've been meaning to do for a while now and I'm glad we finally did. She will behave like an angel from now on. Ha!

(uh, we're praying Anayah, not laughing at the congregation!)

(presents from Grandma & Grandpa)

Ok, now rewind back to Saturday morning...

Well our weekend started out like many other weekends. A and I were hanging out at home while B was at work on Saturday. We went to check the mail... a very SLOW trip mind you, as Miss A has to check out everything on our walk there! On our way back I noticed water coming from the plants on the side of the garage. Upon closer inspection, there was actually quite a bit of water, some flooding actually, and I had NO idea where it was coming from. In my expert opinion, I declared a leak (I know, genius!) but I didn't know how bad it was. I spotted our neighbor's landscaper and asked him to come over and check out our situation. He determined it was either one of the sprinklers or we had a leak in our main water line and that we should contact the builder. Great. One: it's a Saturday, Two: it's a holiday weekend, Three: our warranty expired last year. Oh, man, the last thing we need right now is a large repair bill (no job, tight budget. remember?!). 

So I called the builder. Word was they couldn't come out until Tuesday since it wasn't considered an emergency (no total loss of power or water. No, but the water bill I'll get because of it WILL be an emergency!). So now what? Should we try to dig and find the problem? Hire a plumber to repair it? We did what every responsible home owner would do. We shut off the water and got out of town (yes, ignoring the problem will make it go away). We headed to San Diego to my parent's house where we were taken care of quite nicely for a couple of days. 

(things are just more fun with a headband on)

So now it's Tuesday and darn it, the leak it still there! Yes, I'm still waiting for the builder to contact me to come check out our situation. And yes, I'm still hoping they'll repair it for free.


Carrie McCray said...

a) love how she is smiling at the camera
b) i totally would have gotten out of town too hoping it would just "dry up"
c) do you have homeowners insurance? we do and whenever we need a plumber or whatever, we call our homeowners insurance, they send someone out and we pay only $60

the Hott Spott said...

Yes we have insurance but our deductible is really high...hmm, something to look into changing. Tell the fam hi for us :)

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