Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Her Heart

At her last doctor's appointment we were informed that A has a heart murmur. It was mentioned in such a casual, nonchalant manner that we Brian didn't really stress about it. The doctor's exact words were, "I told you she has a heart murmur, right?"! Umm, actually doc, no you didn't. She went on and on about how it was very common, that it sounds "innocent" which means it's really nothing to worry about, and so forth...I'm sure I didn't hear most of what she said. I was still trying to figure out how it wasn't something that was detected at any one of her previous appointments and what a heart murmur really meant for her. Could you imagine what B would say if he was told she couldn't play sports?!

We were referred to a children's cardiologist, had chest x-rays done, and finally today she had her EKG and saw the specialist. She had her vitals taken then came time for them to check her blood pressure. Ha! There has to be a better way to check a toddler's bp than the cuff that most adults don't like. Come on people, really, you don't expect her to fuss when something is squeezing her arm so tightly?! Needless to say they weren't able to get an accurate reading since A was crying and fighting to get away the whole time. The geniuses then informed us that she would need to sit completely still for the EKG or else they'd get a false reading..."the test can read other emotions as well and won't be accurate." At that point I think I laughed at the nurse. Lady, you just squeezed the life out of her arm then leg (when her arm didn't work) and now you want her to sit still while you proceed to attach 23839215 different cords to her chest and legs "in order to get an accurate reading"??!! What the?! It's a good thing B took the afternoon off work to come with us because it took both of us distracting her, bribing her, letting her watch an Elmo video, all while holding her arms and legs still "in order to get an accurate reading"! What an ordeal!

Anyway, after the circus with the nurse we finally got to see the specialist. He then wanted to listen to her heart again and check her pulse. You guys are killing me! She definitely didn't want to sit still any longer so I had her sit in my lap while I distracted her with B's phone again. She cooperated just long enough for the doc to hear what he needed. The verdict is that yes she has a heart murmur but that it's "innocent" and totally normal. It's just the sounds that her heart makes. No medication, no restrictions in activity, nothing. Thank God! I didn't realize I had been holding my breath until after he gave us the news. After the week we've had it was refreshing to get some good news and it was a good reminder of how God is completely in control. His faithfulness never ceases to amaze me and I still cannot comprehend His love for us. 
His love for her.

Sports here we come! 


Carrie McCray said...

Oh good, glad its not a "big deal." I would have been FREAKING out like you! Haha I love your last sentence = )

marilyn said...

I'm soooo thankful that things came out OK for Anayah, you, and Brian, as well as for ME!!!! I really was holding my breath all the way to the end of your comments!! THANK YOU LORD!!

Marisa said...

Ahhhhh (sigh) PRAISE THE GOOD LORD!!!! Shes been in my prayers :) xoxo

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