Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Peeking In On You

On Sunday we took a family outing to get a 3D/4D ultrasound done of baby girl. Brian has been itching to get one done since we did one last time with A. I think he secretly wanted to confirm (again) that it really is a girl in there hehe. Yes it's still a girl, by the way!

Anyway, baby girl was taking a nap or just being shy because at first all we got was her profile. If she did turn toward us it was with her hand in front of her face or in her mouth and we couldn't get a good look. I turned and poked at her, I drank cold water, I walked around in order to get her to move. Oh and move she did but with her hand in front of her face the whole time. Apparently she really didn't want her picture taken. Ummm do I really have another diva on my hands?! After 15 -20 minutes the ultrasound tech was about to call it a day and just have us come back another time, she even said, "guess you'll just have to come back another day and we can try again." Wouldn't you know the second she said that, baby girl decided to move her hand away and look at the camera?! I swear she is laughing at us in this picture

Here she is about to move her arm back in front of her face. She gave us a small window of opportunity to capture as many pictures as we could then she was back to snuggling with her cord and the wall of my uterus. Good times.

Anayah was so funny. She was NOT thrilled about a stranger touching my belly and kept telling the ultrasound tech she couldn't touch baby sishter. She was even less thrilled when she used the wand on my belly. A kept telling her "no scratching baby sishter." It was so sweet and funny at the same time.

It's so crazy to me how much these pictures look just like A's pictures! I can't wait to meet you sweet girl and kiss those cheeks! We love you and are excited for your arrival!!

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