Thursday, September 05, 2013

Mommy & Me Night

Every now and then I think it's important to spend one-on-one time with each of the girls. Last night we made a very spontaneous trip to Disneyland for a couple hours. It was good to get out of the house, spend time with friends, and more importantly spend time alone (without daddy or sister) with my favorite toddler (or is it preschooler now?)

Because it was soooo hot and humid it really wasn't very crowded and we got right on most of the rides in CA. I think the longest we waited was about 10 minutes. We were able to get on quite a few and managed to head out by 7pm so she was home in time to get to bed at a decent hour. My favorite pictures of the night


She was being silly in the first one, giving me some cheesy grin, then the ride started going and it was fun to watch the progression of feelings in her expressions. This, though, is my absolute favorite...

Man I love this kid! 

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