Sunday, May 01, 2011


Ok, the voting is now open!
(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read this post)

The voting will be open for only 3 will close Tuesday at midnight so
Here are the directions:

click on this link: VOTE HERE
scroll down to the pictures of all the contestants (there are over a 100)
I am #54 (Yo, Yo! It's Mandi)
click on the star beneath my entry to vote for me...NO voting for anyone else! :)

Feel free to copy and paste the info into your facebook status or twitter accounts :) 


A Von Rosey Life said...

Done and done! How many times can we vote?

the Hott Spott said...

Thanks! I think you can only vote once but if I hear differently, I will definitely let you know! :)

Marisa said...

Done :)(Although by the looks at some of those pics, they need WAY more help than you do, haha)

marilyn said...

Gosh-Darn!!!! What did I miss??? I've been kind of busy, and I missed out on this! so sorry it's too late to vote I don't know if you've won, or not; but just in case you didn't, YOU SHOULD HAVE!!!!!!!!

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