Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Ready Coach

Before we left for vacation I made these for me and A to wear at Brian's games.

Of course our little ham soaked up the attention she got from the team and fans and was ready to get out on that field to play! 

(I'm ready to play, coach!)

Our vacation was fun as well as stressful and tiring! I almost need a vacation from my vacation. Not really but this trip was much more exhausting than our last trip now that A is wanting to explore everything! She seriously doesn't keep still unless she is sleeping and since everything was different from her normal routine, she didn't do much of that either! It was still fun to do something different and watch our social butterfly wave hi and bye to everyone she came across. 

(What a ham!)

(It doesn't matter that you're trying to get my back, I MUST look at the camera!)

(Ok, fine, I'll take another picture...)

We also got to watch a few good games of baseball and see B in action. All in all it was a good trip but remind me never to drive back from Vegas on a holiday! Don't know what we were thinking but after almost 7 hours in the car, I was happy to be home!

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