Monday, June 27, 2011

Eleven Months

I'm in denial. 
There's no way you're just shy of a year old. Nope, I don't believe it. Maybe if I keep ignoring it, it will go away! *sigh* 

How has time gone by so quickly? Everyday you surprise us with something new that you're saying or doing. You're absorbing everything around you and understand SO much! It's cute to see you crawl toward your highchair when I tell you it's time to eat or toward the stairs when we say it's time for a bath. My favorite is when we tell you to get a book so we can read a story and you crawl right over to your books and bring one to us. You then proceed to make us read the same book a hundred times until you get bored.

The other day you took a few steps without holding were trying to get my food...of course. You finally have two teeth and they are oh so cute! Last week we started "Operation: Take Paci Away" and I can say it has been successful so far. You fuss/cry for a few minutes when we put you in the crib but fall asleep shortly after. Sometimes when you wake up early from a nap you have a hard time going back to sleep without it which results in a short nap but hopefully you will figure it out soon. You're still our champion eater and still sleep through the night with no problems. Teething threw your nap schedules off a bit so we're working on getting a handle on those times. You're wearing 6-12 month size clothes and size 2 shoes. We're not sure how much you weigh but guessing somewhere around 19lbs. 

You are starting to get "shy" around strangers but are back to your social self after a few minutes. You're actually quite a love attention! You wave hi and bye to everyone including dogs. You're funny and sassy and stubborn all at once and it's hard to not laugh even when you do something wrong. We love you more and more each day and are so amazed at the little girl you're becoming.

We love you, baby girl!

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marilyn said...

She is soooo cute!!!!!
Love that girl!!!!!!

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