Saturday, July 23, 2011

DIY Accessories

So as I am frantically trying to decorate my entire house finish up projects around here, I have had to get creative. You remember I'm not working and we are operating on a *tight* budget these days. Anyway, while finishing up the upstairs bathroom, I needed some artwork and accessories to complete "the look" and it had to be cheap. So I scoured the house for things we already had and found these bathroom accessories.

I knew the brown wouldn't work with what I wanted so what did I do? Uh, spray painted of course! 

I ended up painting them grey and glazed with black so the details would pop. They turned out pretty cool.

After those were done, I needed some artwork. I really loved the colors in the towel that inspired the whole bathroom decor so I decided to make it work. I bought a hand towel and decided to frame it as "art" 

I cut a small piece for each frame and was able to use the parts I like the best. Totally customizable (today that IS a word) and inexpensive! See?!

The last two pieces of artwork that will hang in the shower part of the bathroom are still in the works so I'll post about those soon. I know I keep saying it's almost done, but seriously it is. I promise!


marilyn said...

Mandi, you are soooo talented!! these are beautiful!
As for Anayah's pictures below, she is so cute!! I can't tell if she likes the lemon bar, or not, and I like her "curly" look!!

Carrie McCray said...

wow those look great! good idea!!

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