Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Young...and The Restless

We had a play date today with our friends the McCrays and the Sotos. There were already 6 kiddos among the three of us then Carrie's friend came by with her two boys, so at one point in our day there were 8 kids, under the age of 5 running around the house! It was chaos...but it was fun. Auntie Erika picked a great day to visit! Just a few pics before I go lie down. I need to recuperate!

Happy Baby! 

 We just got there and already eating SOMEthing!

 The "big kids" coloring

 Yummy applesauce

Crackin' herself up

Loving on the baby...so sweet!

We tried to get all 6 kids in one picture, but unfortunately this is the best we could do!

At least they're all facing forward in this one...but we're missing one...

Oh, there he is!

Thanks friends for a fun day!

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