Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things Are-A-Changin'

In case you hadn't noticed, the blog underwent a makeover! Isn't that just so exciting?! Yeah, I know, no big deal right. Anyway, there are a few more changes coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned...In the mean time I'll be working on a BIG project with my onesies and two BIG projects around the house. Pictures and tutorials will be posted...I promise!

I'll be super busy for the next week or so but I will be back soon!! 


Carrie McCray said...

I like it alot better! I was so happy to makeover mine too, it still makes me smile. You have all these cool tricks on yours - I couldnt figure any of THAT out.

Marisa said...

yes i like a lot too!!!! makes me wanna spruce mine up even more! :) and I can't wait for the sewing, decorating inspiration!!!!! Yippeee!!! you're getting so good with your Manual photo skillz! :) When is that wedding you'll be doing? exciting stuff!

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