Monday, March 25, 2013

1 Month

So this post is almost a week overdue and there really isn't any good excuse other than I haven't had the time. I could probably find the time during the day when the girls are napping but most of the time that's when I eat lunch and sometimes nap with them. Does that make me lazy?! I suppose I could blog after I put A down for the night but that's usually when I eat dinner and spend time with B. Does that make me selfish?! Oh well. I do need to make blogging a higher priority for sure though. I documented A's first year of life so well and I want to do the same for S. Clearly I'm not off to a good start since this post is so late! Agh.

Anyway, can you believe Samara is already a month old?! So crazy right?? It's hard for me to believe it and I see her every day! She really is a good, easy going, sweet baby. The only thing I think I would "complain" about is that for a while she had her days/nights confused so she would sleep hard all day then be up hanging out after her feeds at night. She's gotten much better though and is now only getting up once during the night to feed (then going back to sleep)!

At one month you:

- are very strong! You like lifting your head up as high as you can to check things out. You also like to try and stand whenever we hold you up a bit. You might have tiny legs, but they are mighty!

- are now sleeping 4-5 hours at night, which means we get up once for a night feeding!

- are still wearing newborn clothes/diapers. Like your sister, you're still very petite.

- are a fabulous eater! You eat every 3ish hours during the day but you can chow down.

- love to be held. You would be content to be in the carrier all day long if I'd let you...or if my back wouldn't break first!

- are very easy going when it comes to putting up with your sister. I'm sure it's only a  matter of time before you two are going at it!

- are very alert and aware of what's going on around you.


It's hard to not compare her to Anayah but I do it often since A is the only other child I have, hence the only other experience I have to compare it to...that totally made sense in my head! I just need to learn to not compare them to each other out loud I suppose. I can't believe how much she has changed in a few short me she looks completely different now! Everyone says she looks just like me, but I still see so much of A (as a baby) in her. It will be interesting to see how she changes in the months to come.

Samara, you are a delight and a blessing to us and we are so thankful and honored to be your parents. We love you baby girl!  

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Jess Williams said...

A week late is NOT bad at all (at least in my book!) and I think she totally looks like you in these pictures! I can't wait to see her grow :)

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