Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Newborn(ish) Pictures

These are from the newborn shoot I attempted to do three days in a row the first week we were home. Let's just say I was tired, I wasn't feeling very creative, A would not cooperate, I forgot, oh and I was recovering from having a baby. Anywhoo, I got a few that I absolutely love, but next time I think I'll have someone else take the photos...at least the first week out of the hospital.


 One of my absolute favorites
 Love her squishy face!

Of course she was asleep when I wasn't taking pictures, but the second I started posing her and got her undressed, she was too curious to know what was going on! Silly girl. It's ok, there will be plenty more photo shoots in your future!


Carrie McCray said...

I disagree...NO one else should take your pics next time! You did so good!!


Absolutely amazing!!!
Those pictures make me melt they are so beautiful! For a mom on her feet the first week out of the hospital, girl you nailed it! Great photos!

Jess Williams said...

I love so many of these! I think she looks like you so much..

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