Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 Months

This monthly milestone crept up on me and before I knew it, the day had passed and I hadn't done your pictures (or blog post obviously!). I remembered that evening after you had gone to bed that I needed to do those things and wouldn't you know it, a few days passed before I finally got a chance. Clearly life is moving too quickly and before we know it you'll be walking and talking and keeping up with your sister! 

Baby girl, you are SUCH a happy baby! You are always laughing and smiling and "talking" to us and when we talk back, you're right back to laughing again. You recently discovered that your fist fits into your mouth and we laugh because it seems that the only time you suck on your hand is (obviously) when you're hungry, but it's almost as if you're giving me a "look" saying, "Fine, if you won't feed me, I'll just eat this!" It's quite hilarious though. See what I mean?

Haha! Stats for this month:
- I'm assuming you're weighing in around 10-11lbs these days, but not sure since your last appointment was shots only.

- You have officially outgrown your newborn sleepers...you're just too long for them! You're now in 0-3mo pajamas which is great for the length but they swallow you up everywhere else.

- You can still wear your other newborn clothing as long as there's no feet.

- You're still a great eater and nurse about 5-6 times during the day.

- You've been sleeping through the night for about a month now and we just started to transition you from your bassinet to your pack and play (still in our room) for naps/sleep.

- I'm still anxious to see if your hair will fall out like your sister's did and grow back curly, but for now it's just wavy.

Happy 3 months, love bug! We love you so much!!

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marilyn said...

These little girls are so precious, adorable, beautiful, cute, gorgeous,amazing, awesome, lovable, I can go on, and on; but you get the picture. :)
Did I say "I love them so much!"

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