Tuesday, July 30, 2013

She's THREE!! (and a Happy Belated Birthday)

Happy Birthday Anayah!!
 (celebrating with her friends at school)

(Anxious for her "party" to start)

This year (like last) we just had a few of her friends over for lunch and some cake. Well that was the intention anyway. Somehow it morphed into a custom cake (which was amazing btw), cupcakes, goodie bags, AND decorations! What the what?!

She was very proud of herself for writing these names!

She and her bestie Jack! (His Jake and the Neverlands Pirate Party was the following day)

What a ham!

The little one was cheezin' it up as usual

Haha it sounds more elaborate than it really was but it still crossed over the line of "get together" into "party." Although according to B it isn't a party if there's no jumper! Ugh, maybe next year we'll stick to the "a party only every 5 years" rule!

 (her morning after look...she looks exhausted!)

All in all she had a great time. The meltdown at the end of the night proved it...she was over tired, over stimulated, and over sugared! Man, I'm exhausted all over again. Ha! Now to concentrate on the little one's first birthday party! Hehe.

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Carrie McCray said...

that cake is awesome! where from?

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