Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 & 6 Months

I'm seriously like a broken record. I won't even say it this time. Enjoy the pictures! It's 5 AND 6 months. Gah, total failure!

These 5 month pictures are all from my phone. Apparently I didn't take ANY with my camera :(

Here are her regular monthly pictures...these are 6 months:
 I love this series of her (photo bombed by her sister!)
 Practicing her sitting skills
 Oh the conversations these two will have...
At her most recent dr. visit she weighed in at 13.2lbs and measured 25in. which puts her in the 5th percentile for weight, 18th for height, and 8th percentile for her height/weight combination. Her dr. asked if I was feeding her enough and if she seemed cranky or not like herself. Ha! No, doc, my child is as happy as can be and if you saw her eat you wouldn't be so concerned. This girl can eat! She's like her daddy and sister...they eat a ton and have a very fast metabolism. So thankful they got his genes in that department ;)

In the last two months she has started sleeping through the night consistently! She goes to bed around 6:30 and wakes anywhere between 6:00-6:30. She is a much better napper than her sister was and will take 2-3 naps a day, anywhere from 45min - 2hrs! She continues to be a very happy baby and everyone who meets her is so surprised at how calm and content she is. Until you take her food away though. Now that's a different story! I don't think her hair is going to fall out like Anayah's did. It just keeps growing and getting curlier by the day. I think they'll have different types of curls though. The time continues to fly by and I haven't quite started planning her first birthday, but I need to get on that very soon! For now I'll just continue to cherish her baby-ness...since I know it will soon be gone.

Time is just too fast. I can't keep up. I think I'll start NOW on her 7th month post.


marilyn said...

Mandi, you're doing a great job--these pictures are priceless!!

Carrie McCray said...

love the pics. she is so adorable. and that rug...SO awesome in pics!!

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