Wednesday, January 08, 2014

10 Months

Right before Christmas Samara turned 10 months old. And ever since then she's been non-stop with the growing and milestones and learning. She's practically walking these days and has now upped her vocabulary to 3 words: "dada", "naya", and "nanas" (for any type of food). She's getting better with the signing but mostly just grunts or whines when she wants something. She has two bottom teeth and I just recently saw a top one trying to break through. She's wearing mostly 6-12 month clothing, depending on what it is, and is tipping the scales at just under 20lbs. She loves to terrorize Bruno and Anayah and laughs the whole time she's doing it. She is still the happiest baby, always smiling and laughing, even when she's sick or tired. Bedtime is usually 6:30 and she's been waking up around 7:00/7:15 these last few weeks. We have yet to take away her paci but I'm thinking that will happen very shortly. Here are a few pictures from my phone from the last month or so. I'll attempt to do her rug pictures later today:

Oh and a couple videos of her recently:

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