Saturday, September 25, 2010

Date Night

So we had our first "solo" night since baby girl's arrival. We went to Brian's brother's wedding and left Anayah at home with my parents. It was a bit hard to leave her for so long and kind of weird not having her with us but we survived and actually had a good time. It was a nice reminder of what life was like pre-baby. We got to focus on just us for a minute and recharge as a couple.

Baby girl was completely fine and happy to be with grandma and grandpa...doubt she missed us. Perhaps we will have to make a habit of going out at least once a month. We'll's hard to leave this munchkin for even a few hours!

The happy bride and groom...Congratulations you two!!


Erika said...

haha! love that pic of her!!

Carrie McCray said...

A monthly date night sounds like a good idea in theory...Now you just gotta make it happen (or you'll end up like date night a YEAR). haha!

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