Sunday, September 05, 2010

Project Bathroom

I told you last week I was working on another project. Well, I had hoped to reveal the final product last weekend, but that clearly didn't happen. So I figured with the long weekend Bri and I could knock it out today and have the big reveal tonight, but that didn't happen. We definitely made progress but it's not completely done yet. Baby girl decided she didn't want to nap at.all. today and wanted to be entertained all day. I swear she knew that I really wanted to finish the bathroom project and sabotaged my efforts. Oh well, spending time with her is always more important. Although the control freak in me is itching to have a completed project pronto!

Anyway, here is part of the bathroom before we started (I was originally gonna paint it red...)
 Looking into the shower/toilet area (they are separated from the sinks by that door)

Here is what it looks like after we worked on it today. I wanted the "board and batten" look without the big price tag :) so we did it the "cheap" way.

The view from the shower

It's coming along nicely but we have a ways to go. I'll hopefully be able to at least show you the finished wall this week sometime. Oh and I'll post the tutorial on how to create the look the cheap-o way! :)

Enjoy your day off!

1 comment:

Marisa said...

oooh, can't wait for your 'tutorial'..i wanna do that in our dining room!

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