Sunday, September 19, 2010

Play Date

These two were born hours apart in the same hospital, with the same doctor...pretty cool eh? Their moms are friends and they even share the same name! (Their moms, not them, silly.)

At 8 weeks, these two are tipping the scales at a combined weight of almost 25lbs! Chunkers. As you can see, they are both quite content with their size and a bit bored that they have to pose for these pictures.

Oh come on now, you two, you know you love when we take so many pictures. The more we take now, the more we can embarrass you with one of these days. I'm sure Anayah will love the fact that she looks as if she's trying to eat Jack's face in this shot:

And I'm sure Jack will love that his feet look gigantic next to hers in this one (I swear it's just the angle of the's hard to believe his feet are really that much bigger!)

It's been so cool to have a friend who is literally going through the exact same things I am at the exact same time. It helps keep me sane. I can't wait to see these two grow up together and become buddies. Don't let these innocent faces fool you though, I can see them getting into all kinds of trouble together!

Uh oh.


marilyn said...

What a cute "couple!" :)
I can't wait to see, and hold Anayah again. What personality she has, not to even be 2 months old yet. You and Brian are sooo blessed, and I know Mandy (is that the way her name is spelled?) is just as much in love with her beautiful son also.
God's blessings on all of you, and your beautiful babies.

Marisa said...

How fun!!! What a blessing! Anayah is soooo beautiful in the last photo!

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