Friday, December 03, 2010

Jack's Back

Anayah's friend Jack has been out of town for a week and she hasn't seen him in almost two. She was definitely going through withdrawals. So we finally got them together for a playdate today and they chatted up a storm. That is when one of them wasn't eating, sleeping, fussing, or pooping.

playing hard to get...I'm mad that you left for so long Jack.

They were quite the pair in their matching corduroys. Great minds think alike!

 Oh great, two cameras. This is gonna take a while...

Of course their mommies made them do the requisite photo shoot. This time they played along for a little bit longer...
 I'll walk you through this Jack. My mom makes me do this ALL the time!

 Hey man, you gonna share the goods or what?!

but they drew the line shortly after we tried to incorporate the holiday background. Jack had had enough and pulled it all down...he didn't really care that it came down on Anayah either :)

 Jaaaack! Get me outta here!

The babies had fun and so did their mommies, catching up and just hanging out. We even managed to bake a batch of cookies. No, they weren't from scratch...we didn't have time for that. Did you NOT see the photos above?! :) We had our hands full people. 


Marisa said...

Your captions are hilarious! Funny thing is that is SO her (her looks say it all! The little tude, I LOVE it) xoxo

Carrie McCray said...

Yeah and I love that OF COURSE it was the BOY that destroyed the background...They are ALL the same! Gotta love them! Hehe!

marilyn said...

I really agree with what Marisa said---your captions are sooo funny!! they seem to match every expression that Anayah has on her face---but that's what it's all about! right??
Your Christmas tree is beautiful!!
I really can identify with how you feel regarding decorating for Christmas!!!

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