Saturday, February 12, 2011

My One Valentine's Project

If you remember this post, you know how I feel about decorating for any other holiday other than Christmas. Well, blog land has been FLOODED with all kinds of fun crafts and projects for Valentine's Day and I almost decided to jump on that band wagon. But then I woke up and realized that A) I don't have the time during the day to do any type of project thanks to my 30 minute special, B) I don't have the funds to be throwing away on frivolous holidays, C) By the time I decided to attempt a project, it was almost time to take it all down. Pointless.

I did however decide that baby girl needed something a little festive so I whipped something up for her to wear.

Yes, for those who have noticed, she has been wearing quite a few headbands lately. Partly because I have become obsessed excited about making so many different ones and partly because she has no a lot less hair these days and needs something to keep her head warm and cute! ;)

No laughing. It WILL grow back.


A Von Rosey Life said...

I LOVE it! They came out very cute. And you are doing another project...her scrapbook page!

Carrie McCray said...

There is NO such thing as too many headbands, especially when they are SO cute!!

PS Dont worry about the hair - It happens to all babies and it WILL grow back (just take a look at Brayden's pics). She will have mama's gorgeous hair in NO time!!

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