Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

This was the first year we spent Christmas morning at our own house! We usually go down to San Diego to be with my parents and some years we also drive to LA to visit Brian's side of the family too. This year however, we spent it at home. My grandma is in town from Hawaii and my dad and brothers came up to spend Christmas morning with us (my mom is in TX with my other brother & nephew). I will admit it was nice to not have to rush and plan and drive anywhere and to just be able to spend time at home. Starting our own traditions for our little family is something I look forward to continuing in the years to come...

So here's a quick recap of our weekend according to Anayah

Running around outside after many hours stuck in my carseat and stroller while mommy and great grandma shopped:
Texting Santa my last minute wish list:
Christmas Eve family party in my pretty dress before I got cranky:
After I woke up from a nap (which happened hours past my bedtime!) at the party:
Mommy forcing me to take a picture documenting the evening:
Christmas morning (NOT a flattering photo of any of us!)
Helping grandpa with my tent:
Opening one of hundreds many gifts:
Too much sugar:
Guess what mommy got?!

Just's all mine!! 

Anayah was spoiled blessed very much this year as you can tell. She was so excited with all her new things and couldn't decide what to play with first! Thank you to everyone who helped make this Christmas so special! I hope you all had a blessed holiday and was able to spend time with friends and loved ones. Any fun plans for New Year's Eve?


ℋeatherღ said...

That picture of A "texting" in front of the Christmas tree is so cute! Looks like a wonderful Christmas!!!

erika said...

hahhaha! her hair cracks me up!! sooo opposite of yours! and i agree - the texting pic is classic!

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