Monday, January 16, 2012

Mini Makeover :: Erika's Bedroom

So I've been helping Erika with small projects here and there for her apartment. We started in the living room and then tackled the bedroom. The space isn't huge and there is an awkward wall that has a random window on one end and boarded up doorway (I think?!) on the other...with her bed somewhere in between:  
*please excuse the pictures...I didn't have the correct lens on me the day I went up there!*
I suggested a "wall of curtains" behind her bed to serve several purposes. 1) it hides the fact that there are random windows and boards on the wall, 2) it adds some "drama" to the room, and 3) it acts like artwork in her room. Here are a few examples of what I was talking about

At first E wasn't so excited about it but as she slowly started warming up to the idea, she gave me the ok :) She found curtains that she liked that wouldn't compete with the rest of the room but that would add some interest to the walls. 
We ended up using 95" long panels as we were going to hang from as close to the ceiling as possible. Remember, we wanted "drama"! We lucked out that the room was the exact width of the max of the curtain rod she had! So after a few hours of measuring, hanging and straightening up, here is the finished product:
What do you think? Because of the size of the room and the lens I was using, getting a picture of the entire wall was SO hard! Here's one on E's phone that she took that gets a little more of it:
Pretty huh? :) I LOVE IT! The curtains definitely make the space prettier while hiding the flaws we discussed and it most definitely adds the drama she wanted! During the day you can see the light coming through the window, but it's definitely better than what it was :)


Marisa said...

I LOVE It too!!!! what a FAB idea and what a difference/improvement!!!!
Marisa's living room make-over NEXT!!! ;) Yahoo!!!

Carrie McCray said...

LOVE it too! That random closed off door made me laugh...never seen anything like it!

erika said...

ohh wow your camera is TONS better than my bb phone camera!

erika said...

care...that's my landlord for you - nothing but the best for his tenants!! ;)

marilyn said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!! what a difference in the "before," and the "after!"

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