Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What A Day!

What a busy day! We started out early and headed to a playdate at the McCrays with the boys. After a couple days of rain we were thankful for the sun so the kiddos could play outside. After snacks and a nap (for baby T) we braved the "cold" and let the kids run around outside. 
trying to decide if she's brave enough to go down the driveway
 baby T enjoying his bouncer...and his fingers
hey there gorgeous...
 giving kisses...
(Big brother B was off playing with the neighbor boys so he missed out on the photo shoot)

After we left the boys to nap we headed to Samy's so I could check out some lenses to rent for an event tomorrow. Miss A took her requisite short nap in the car and woke up just as I pulled into the parking lot. After renting my lenses, we did a few more errands in OC then headed home before traffic got too bad. We pulled into the garage at 4:15 which means we were out and about for 8 hours...almost half of which was in the car. It's no wonder A was exhausted! Night night, baby girl. 

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