Sunday, March 07, 2010

Restlessness + Nesting Fever = New Hobby

Recently I was blessed with a new sewing machine from my wonderful Grandma in Hawaii. I had expressed an interest in learning to sew and she was thrilled, having been a talented seamstress herself. Now, I have never taken any classes or had any training at all, so looking at the machine and figuring out how to even thread the bobbin (what does that mean?!) was a daunting task! Luckily a good friend of mine came over to help and give me the basics. And by basics I mean just that. I think we attempted a pillow that day and to my surprise it wasn't as difficult as I imagined it to be. Now please don't think this pillow was high quality by any means. Heck, the fact that I even finished it without pulling out my hair or sticking a pin in my eye was accomplishment enough!

*I even took on the challenge of making a few more*

All in all it was a good start to a possible new hobby. As I have gotten more comfortable behind my machine I have attempted to branch out a bit from just pillows, and with the baby on the way, I figured baby clothes would be a great start. Inspired by an old friend from college, Jodi, I started with baby onesies.

*A few onesies I made for friends who recently had babies*

I discovered I really enjoy sewing and making little things for other people. I also discovered there is a whole world out there of really cute baby things that I could make for my unborn child. Talk about exciting!

*one of the onesies I made for little baby G*

*B-man posing in his new shirt*

 My next few projects involve pants and some form of snack bags that were inspired from another old college friend, Melissa. Hopefully I'll get better at this sewing thing before little Spott arrives...we'll see.


The Bee Hive said...

Yay for you! You did so well, and the dying, perfect! Can't wait to see your other creations you come up with (and stoked you finally started this bad boy). Miss you!

Marisa said...

where did you get that super cute fabric for the pillows? <3 it!

Marisa said...

woops, my little heart symbol didn't work - ha!

mandi said...

Maris- Most of my fabric is from Joann's...the heart on Blogger is different from FB. I'll show you later! ♥

Bubbies' Mom said...

Hey's Colleen. I LOVE those onesies you made. They are SO SO adorable. Congrats on the pregnancy! How are you feeling?

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