Monday, November 08, 2010

Drooly Julie

That's a mouthful, let me tell you. Try saying it 5 times, as fast as you can. Did you try it? Mouth.ful. right??

"drooly Julie, drooly Julie, drooly Julie, drooly Julie, drooly Julie"

Anyway, baby girl has started the teething process and it hasn't exactly been fun for her. The drooling isn't the worst thing in the world but the fussiness, increase in poopy diapers (they swear teething doesn't cause diarrhea but I disagree), and pain she is in, now that's a different story. I didn't really want to give her any medicine if I didn't have to and luckily I remembered this post by my friend about amber teething necklaces. Well Mandy (you know, Jack's mom) and I decided we would try it out on our unhappy babies. We ordered our beads from this shop and waited for them to arrive.........this is us waiting.......still waiting......maybe I should check on that order.....

Well today they finally arrived (I didn't realize they were being shipped from Latvia...explains the wait!) and we tried them out right away. I was a bit skeptical but I must say they are pretty fabulous. Baby girl was a happy camper all day, drooling away, chewing on her hand. She slept better for her naps, had fewer messy diapers, and didn't seem bothered by her gums. It still is the first day, perhaps most of it was coincidence, but only time will tell. You better believe she'll be wearing these bad boys from now on.

See my pretty beads?

I thought I had ordered a clear-ish necklace with hints of yellow but they ended up being more yellow than clear. Oh well, it can't all be fashionable right?!

 Sitting on the couch, rockin' my skinny jeans, munchin' on my hand...

Check out Jack and his beads here...he looks like he's loving them, doesn't he?

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Carrie McCray said...

They are so stylish too... just a touch of bling!

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