Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time Out

I thought I had wrecked my sewing machine and I panicked slightly. It made some awful noise, grunted a few times, then beeped and stopped. What in the world?! After some investigation (reading the manual) I came to the conclusion that it was jammed because the thread got tangled. Sounds easy enough to fix.

Yeah, that was last week.

I got too frustrated because after every time I thought I had "fixed" it, it would happen again. So I walked away from it. It essentially has been sitting in time out for the last week because I was not happy with it. Well today I decided I was calm enough to try again. Perhaps it just needed a break because it worked like a charm and I was finally able to finish this onesie order


Along with a coordinating headband...

Now there's no excuse to not finish the hundred several other projects I'm working on. Ha! Here's miss A modeling one of the onesies I made her while preggo.

Can you believe someone else thought she was a boy today? Crazy people. She is way too cute to be a boy!


Carrie McCray said...

Its nice to see that as talented as you are she is FINALLY wearing something you made her! Very cute and NOT boyish at all...Brayden would NEVER wear hearts! What is wrong with people?

Heather said...

People always thought my boys were girls...too funny!
Love your onesies and that little headband is too cute! You are talented my friend!

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