Sunday, November 21, 2010

Watch This!

Guess what Miss Anayah decided she wanted to do today?!


One more time, please...
 Did you hear that sigh right after she rolled? Geez, what hard work!

Yup, that's right. She rolled over. I guess we kind of helped her a bit, but she did most of it on her own. You can see she wasn't as excited about it as we were but that's ok. One of these days she'll realize the value of knowing how to roll over...when she can get where she wants to go without us! :)

Good job, baby girl!


Carrie McCray said...

Good job mama and dada for catching it on video! just as a side note, you DO realize that this now means you cannot leave her unattended on your bed/the couch? BOOOOOOO!

marilyn said...

This is just too cute!!!BRAVO !!
and Carrie is right--you can't leave her alone on the bed---the first time that she falls, you will probably want to cry more than she does! :)

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