Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Nursery Ideas

I've been browsing Pinterest in search of ideas for baby girl #2's nursery and I keep coming back to the same picture. I think it's a sign that I should just go with it. I'd show it to you but I like keeping it a secret...just in case I change my mind. Which is bound to happen. I wonder, though, if I could pull it off before she gets here? We'll see. I'm also re-doing A's bedroom, converting the office to the nursery, and converting the guest room to the office. Did I mention I'm trying to do it all on a $500 budget?! Did I also mention I'm almost into my 3rd trimester? Yep, time is flying by!! Here's a pic of me at the end of 26 weeks, and a few stats:

At 26 weeks,

- My weight gain is about 25lbs (yikes!!) BUT I can still wear my non-maternity clothes. It's so odd
- I can definitely feel baby girl moving and kicking a TON more these days
- Food is not really appealing (obviously I'm eating hence the 25lbs) and nothing sounds good. Ever.
- I'm very impatient these days. Sorry B!
- Sleep is hit or miss...some days are better than others.
- Anayah now refers to my belly as "baby sishter"

Everything else is going well and I'll be in the home stretch in no time at all! February will be here before we know it. 

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