Friday, November 09, 2012

Friday Favorite

I know the Friday Favorite is usually very short and includes just one (maybe two) pictures but I HAD to share these with you because they honestly crack me up every time I look at them! So I had an indoor shoot scheduled last week and I ended up borrowing a bunch of gear from a friend since I don't normally shoot indoors or in a studio. Anyway, I was setting it all up and practicing with it and of course A wanted to "help" so I made her model for me. I laugh because some of them remind me of cheesy kindergarten pictures that we used to take in school. Totally fake and generic looking. Of course my child found a way to make it entertaining though! Enjoy :)

 Haha, total school picture pose! Even baby got involved

 Quick background change...This one is my absolute favorite one!!

 This was right before she decided to lunge at me to see her pictures.

Good times! This kid honestly makes me laugh several times daily. Hope these pictures brought a smile to your face.
Happy Friday!!

1 comment:

Carrie McCray said...

What a good little model!

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