Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Knotts Adventure

So someone informed me that Knott's Berry Farm has Military Tribute days starting in November and all veterans/military personnel and a guest get in free! (They can also get reduced priced tickets for up to 6 other people) I was super excited because I've really been wanting to take A to Disneyland but let's be real, we can't afford it. I suppose Knott's is the next best thing, and free is even better! The only bummer was Brian usually works on Saturdays and lately been working OT on two of his three days off so finding a time to go would be tricky. As luck would have it he informed me he had an extra day off he had to take before the end of the year or he would lose it so we took advantage and decided to head to Knott's. My mom (who is also a veteran...retired Navy) and dad came with us and brought my nephew too! The weather was cool and overcast all day but thankfully no rain. I think the forecast kept a lot of people away because the park wasn't as crowded as I was expecting it to be. We spent most of our time in Camp Snoopy but we did tour the park and B managed to get on a few rides by himself. It's kind of a bummer not being able to ride ANYthing...even the kiddie rides were forbidden! Oh well. We all had a great time and I look forward to going back again!

Brian was a trooper for taking her on all the rides! I'm sure he had fun too though :)

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Carrie McCray said...

thankfully you were free cuz that is SUCH a waste to spend money to go to a theme park when preggo!

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