Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter 2013

This year I feel like we celebrated Easter week as opposed to Easter Sunday!

 It started with a package in the mail from great grandma in Hawaii with a kit to dye eggs which A received a week and a half before Easter. We told her we would open it for our Easter party "next week." Now anyone who's ever had a toddler can attest that you should never really tell them anything until absolutely necessary because they don't forget stuff...especially my kid. All week she would "remind" me about her dye kit and our Easter party and the eggs we were going to color. Last Sunday we all went to Brian's baseball game and I decided to bring some plastic eggs to "hide" at the field so A would have something to do and it would give her a chance to practice before the real hunts began. She held tight to those eggs all week...which didn't help her forget about the eggs we were going to dye!

On Thursday her bestie Jack came over and they dyed some eggs and had their own little egg hunt inside. They had a blast and it was hilarious to watch them race and knock each other over (lovingly) to get those plastic eggs!
Of course we let them open their eggs.
They even shared a few pieces of candy with each other...
but only a few!

On Friday we drove down to SD so we could have an early Easter with my parents since we wouldn't see them on Sunday. Anayah got to be a part of the party that the daycare kids were having which she loved

and Samara got to be spoiled by papa...and Grandma and Grandpa L!

More eggs (and candy) and her second Easter basket of the week! Even Samara got a basket!

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning then headed up to LA to spend Easter with Brian's side of the family.

It had been a while since we last saw all of them and most of them hadn't met Samara yet so we were excited to make the drive up. Anayah had a blast playing with her cousins and scored three yes, three, more Easter baskets full of toys and candy!

By the time we got home Sunday evening we were all exhausted but blessed to have been able to see and spend time with our family and friends. Now I need to figure out how to throw away clean up the candy and Easter basket grass (which is strewn all over my house) without A getting upset! Anyone need an extra basket? Or two?

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marilyn said...

These are great pictures!!! I wonder what Anayah, and J'adore were trying to do with the door of my shower??Hummmm

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