Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Anniversary/Birthday!

This year we combined our April celebrations since they're so close together plus the whole "having a new baby and can't go out for more than a couple hours plus we're too tired anyway" situation.

Our anniversary was on the 5th...5 years this year. Again with the time flying analogy. I know, I know. I need new material. Anyway, Brian ended up having to go back to work that Friday so it was kind of a bittersweet day. I ended up taking my first solo trip with the girls and met up with Mandy and Jack at Chuck E Cheese's. It was actually quite a successful trip as Samara slept the entire time in the carrier so I just had to chase after Anayah. She and Jack kept each other company though so really I just walked around and carried tokens and tickets.

The drive home however was a different story! We stayed longer than I had intended due to said great behavior. The problem with that was it was too close to A's nap time and it was past S's feeding time. That pretty much equaled chaos in the car on the way home. Both of them screaming crying the whole way. I thought I might get lucky and they'd sleep but they had other plans in mind. Rookie mistake. Overall it was a good day, just not how I thought I'd be spending my 5th anniversary :) 

Five days later we "celebrated" my birthday. We didn't do much...just lunch out together as a family. Anayah loved the birthday sundae I got for free and Samara just hung out and was her usual happy self. Perhaps next year will be a bigger celebration since we won't just have had a baby. Or maybe I'll just start planning now for my 40th! Hehe.

*All these pictures are from my phone so don't mind the quality. Carrying a big 'ol camera in addition to all of this is sometimes too much! :) 

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