Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It Wasn't Me!

Not sure how many of you read this thing but for those that do, I hope you know that it wasn't me who sent you those RANDOM emails yesterday!! I'm thinking a virus hacked into my account and proceeded to send a link to some foreign pharmaceutical company, not once, but TWICE. Which has resulted in my account being "flagged" and not allowing me to send any emails until this is resolved. Ugh. Good times.

In other news, we took our first childbirth class yesterday. It was a lot of information all at once, but it was very informative and entertaining (gotta love Danielle)! We have two more classes with her then we have a breast feeding class and some other class that I don't remember right now. It kinda makes this all more real. I think there's a part of me that isn't totally convinced that this is actually happening. Hmm, news flash lady, this is happening...and soon...better get it together!

Sorry for such a random post today but hey, it's just been one of those days. I'm working on some onesies for a few baby showers so I should go finish them. I'll show them to you another day. Until then you just get to see what they look like in the "design phase." Ha!

 Total mess right now! Good thing it doesn't stay that way...

1 comment:

Carrie McCray said...

I'm liking these! And no, Cheezeluver I do not want any viagra - Leave me alone!!

PS Yay, glad you started the classes. D is SOOOOOOOO funny, gotta love her!!

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