Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Shower:: Part 1

My mom and aunt threw me a wonderful baby shower last weekend! It was so pretty and the weather was gorgwaaa (as Mia Michaels would say).  I sewed the table toppers and my grandma and aunt made the cutest bloomers (filled with lavender from grandma's garden) for favors.

My mom also ordered these cute handmade satchets from etsy that she used as decorations.

It was so special to have family and friends together to celebrate this new blessing we have coming. I am so thankful for everyone who came out and spent time with us and am so blessed to have you all by our sides supporting us, praying for us, and just loving us.

Thank you so much!
Mandi, Brian & baby girl

Here are some pics that "G G Marilyn" took:

So much for Bri saying no more pink, huh? :)

1 comment:

Marisa said...

Awwww, SO fun! You deserve it :) Can't wait for Shower #2!!!!

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