Sunday, August 08, 2010

Entertain Me

Bet you thought this post would be all about our new addition eh? Wrong. I told myself that I wouldn't make this blog all about her. I still want to post things we're doing around the house and sewing projects and everything else going on...although I'm sure she'll get her fair share of face time on here!
Anyway, this is the latest project that we're working on. No, I'm not really doing any of it, mostly just micro-managing supervising from a distance. This is the space in our family room where our TV is supposed to go:

This is where it sits right now (notice it's a VERY old TV...the new one isn't allowed out of the box until this project is complete):

This is what the model looked like when we bought our house. I figured we could pay someone to do that right? Looks easy enough, shouldn't be too expensive. Ha. Wrong. The best quote we could find was about $2000. No thanks.

I figured we could just do it ourselves. Can't be that hard, right?! Hmm, guess I should have checked with my day laborer Brian before deciding to tackle a big-ish project. He was a bit skeptical that we could get it done. It's not like he's Bob Villa or something.

Well we bribed my dad to help and he and Bri got started far so good...

And here's baby girl through all the drilling and hammering...not even a peep out of her!

Keep you posted on the progress...and the finished product! :)


Marisa said...

ha! You're funny! Yay for continual house projects and handy hubby's and dads!!!!! Exciting! And OH, how perfect Anayah is, Mandi...she totally has your nose!!!! hehehe (right???) Glad she is sleeping so well!!!! :)

Bubbies' Mom said...

Oh my goodness! She looks just like you!!

marilyn said...

I'm so proud of Brian, the "handy man;" but I know he really gives thanks to God for YOUR DAD!!! :-)


One Life Many Journeys said...

Your baby girl is Beautiful!! I can't wait to see the finished project.

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