Friday, August 13, 2010

I Was Featured!!

I checked the 'ol bloggy blog this morning to find out that I am being featured over at All Things Thrifty. 
How totally cool is that?! Brooke was kind enough to show off my DIY wall art that was originally inspired by her wall art! I feel totally inspired to do even  more! With a two and a half week old, though, some projects might have to wait a little longer. :)

Thanks Brooke!!

Here's the pic of the finished piece in case you forgot what it looked like. I'll post updated pictures of the space as soon as I can.


Erika said...

there's ALWAYS erika's pillows and curtains and bedspread and....! oh and i need "wall art" too!!

YAY for YOU!!! HUGE CONGRATS!!! you're WAY famous! i don't know Brooke, but i'd save a copy of that blog!

Marisa said...

Woot Woot! Doesn't surprise me though!!! ;) Very cool girl!! Marisa could use some pillows and curtains and wall art too! LOL!!!

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