Sunday, October 10, 2010

False Advertising

Look what I found at Costco today:


Yum, Pat & Oscar's breadsticks are oh-so-good and so not good for me but I had to get them when I walked by the aisle. I was excited because not only was it cheaper than going to the restaurant to buy bread but it also came with the butter and garlic (you know it never tastes quite the same when you try to replicate it). See, it says it right here:


So imagine my disappointment when I opened the bag to find that there was no butter and garlic. What's up with that?! Did they all not have it or did I happen to pick the one bag that was missing it? Do I suck it up and deal or do I return it? Uh yeah, of course I returned it...well actually I had Bri return it. Ok, exchange it. Apparently people were opening the bags and taking out the butter/garlic packets in order to have extra! Losers. :)

We got one with a packet! Whoot whoot. Dinner was great, even though after all that, we didn't even have the breadsticks. It was the principle of the matter. Ha! Maybe later this week.


Marisa said...

OMG, people actually do that? GHETTO!!!!

Carrie McCray said...

Ditto Ditto Ditto to Marisa's comment!! And GOOD for you guys for having the guts to go back to exchange it! I would have been too embarrassed (haha I guess thats why you sent Bri...guys have no shame). Love it!

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