Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm In Charge

Who needs a bodyguard when you can handle things on your own?

Miss Anayah looks like she has things under control, doesn't she? Check out the smirk on that face. She thinks she's keeping him in line.Notice Jack is pinching her at the same time though...these two are going to be a handful! :)

Remember in this post where she looked so tiny next to him? Well apparently she has been doing some growing because they seem to be the same size these days. The only difference would be the size of their hands and feet. His are large and manly and she has these dainty little things.


These two are going to be good friends for sure!


Marisa said...

omgoodness, looks like she is ripping his ear off! LOL!!!! thanks for the laugh Miss A :)

dspottsville said...

My grandniece is really growing! I am really enjoying your blog. By the way, I still have to mail your babyshower gift. I rarely get to the post office but I'll do it soon before I lose it! Been carrying it around for 2 months, except the day I saw you at the wedding!

When are you going to invite the family up to see your lovely home and the baby?

marilyn said...

Yep--this looks like what BFF will really mean----best friends forever :-)

Carrie McCray said...

I like her smirk. She KNOWS what she is doing! Haha, next its her grabbing your HAIR mama...then its not so funny!

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