Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three Months

It's hard to believe it's been three months since you joined our family!

(She looks thrilled, doesn't she?)

The last three months have been such an amazing (and sometimes draining) experience. You've grown up so much that sometimes I forget that you're still just an infant. You have such a personality already and you definitely are not shy about showing it. You have been "talking" a lot more lately and laughing much more. My favorite part of the day is the first hour after you wake up in the morning. You are all smiles and laughs and so happy...and very social! :)

In the last month you have:

- finally grown out of your newborn clothes
- continued to be a great night sleeper
- started taking only 30 minute naps during the day (which is extremely frustrating)
- dropped to 4 or 5 feedings a day
- started to recognize mommy and daddy and greet us with smiles
- been working on your rolling over can roll about halfway then get stuck
- been drooling like crazy (teething already?)

Halfway through rolling over, before getting stuck...

We thank God daily for you and pray that you continue to grow and develop into a beautiful, happy, sweet, loving little girl. Happy three months, munchkin! We love you to the moon and back ♥

1 comment:

marilyn said...

Mandi,Brian--you are sooo blessed to have such an adorable daughter. She is so special!! I can't wait to see her again in person to give her, her special "GG" kiss! :-)

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