Saturday, October 16, 2010

So Ridiculous

Remember in this post I told you about how Bri and I have been working out? Well we usually don't get started until after baby girl is in bed which means somewhere around 8:30ish. When we're done, we're both so sweaty that going to bed without taking a shower would not only be disgusting but just wrong.

Well, we just recently transitioned Anayah from sleeping in her bassinet to her pack and play (in our bedroom). I can't bring myself to put her in her own room yet. Even though our bedrooms are thisclose together, I feel better with her in our room.

Ok, back to the point.

Since we have to take a shower before bed these days, and she's in our bedroom, and our bathroom is open, and we don't want the noise to wake her up, we would normally just move her little bassinet outside the bedroom into the hallway while we took a shower and got ready for bed. Simple solution.

Not so much anymore.

This is how the conversation went...

M: So what are we going to do about taking a shower now that she's in her pack and play?
B: We can take a shower in one of the other bathrooms.
M: That means we have to move all our toiletries there then bring them all back. 
B: Then let's just take a shower, she might not wake up.
M: No, not going to take that chance. 
B: We can move the pack and play.
M: Seriously? It's kinda big. We should have just left her in her basinette.
B: The pack and play has wheels by the way, we'll just roll it.

That's how we found ourselves in this situation...

Yes, she is sleeping in her pack and play in the hallway outside our bedroom. Yes, that is her bedroom you see in the photo. Yes, she has a crib in her bedroom. Yes, we do this every night. So ridiculous, I know.


Carrie McCray said...

i would love to laugh at you and say that this is ridiculous because it LOOKS so silly/obvious when you take a picture like that. BUT coming from a fellow first time mommy, we did the SAME thing. In fact, that is exactly how we "transitioned" Brayden into his own room...slowly moving the basinette away from our room, down the hall until we reached his room and put him in his own crib in his own room. precisely why it took me 6 months to finally get him into his own room. you are not alone in your ridiculousness!!

Marisa said...

haha! Not so ridiculous, so cute! Although, Spicy couldn't get in her room quick enough! lol! Awww,,,,but once she's out, there's no turning back...well, except of course when she is old enough to crawl out and slip into your room without you even noticing ;)

the Hott Spott said...

Oh no worries, ladies, she's not completely out of our room just yet. We put her out there while we get ready for bed then we bring her back in! Now do you think we're ridiculous? :)

Heather said...

Both of my boys didn't sleep in their own rooms until they were 6 months old just like Carrie! Plus, I actually used the video monitor when our first born was still sleeping in our room!!! With baby #2 I wasn't that neurotic, but like I said he stayed with us until 6 months! Glad you can keep a sense of humor about the whole thing!

marilyn said...

Anayah is sooo cute, and it looks like she's getting tall!! and I see you have put her red ribbon in her hair, maybe just in case the lady who could not tell if she was a boy, or a girl should 'just drop by.' :)
I know I'm being repetitious; but I love your blog---sooo funny, and of course I get to see the baby!!!!
Give Brian a hug from me.

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