Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Down And Out

We'be been thick. 
Just laying low, watching tv (gasp!) and trying to rest.

(swaddled with Vicks, inclined, watching sesame street...totally content. uh oh)

Baby girl has started to recover but I probably won't be fully functioning for a couple more days.
We'll be back soon.


Carrie McCray said...

So sorry you and baby girl are sick...NO fun!

But the pic of her all cute and swaddled makes me laugh. I remember when Brayden was just a newborn and you, Brian and Erika came to my house to visit and you ALL made fun of me for "suffocating" my child like a a cocoon. HAHA....it WORKS, and they love it huh?!

Marisa said...

Even "thick" she is soooo stinkin adorably beautiful! I love her dark eyelashes! Aye, I miss her! xoxo

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