Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dye Job

I started working on a onesie order this week and Mandy had wanted to dye some for Jack so they came over to help and learn how easy it is to do. We dyed about 6 onesies in several colors while the kiddos played and ate and hung out. They of course wanted to be a part of the action so we cleared off the counter and let them take over. Maybe next time they can help. Hmm, my own little sweat shop...JUST KIDDING!

 No, Jack doesn't own a pink cup...he was borrowing one of Miss Anayah's!

 Jack you're making that cracker look SO good! Ha. Love the tongue!

Several hours later the onesies were dyed, washed, and dried. Now they are just waiting for some cute designs on the front.


Guess it's time to be creative.

1 comment:

Marisa said...

can you email me (NO RUSH) a quick & dirty step by step/tutorial on dying. I remember seeing it on Jodi's blog LONG time ago but don't know how to get it now. I guess I could search online but I like to have a "mentor" in case something goes wrong. hehe...

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