Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

We're taking a mini vacay. Baby girl packed her bags and is ready to go!

(This one's ready to go mom. Need help with anything else?)

Be back soon. 

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marilyn said...

Hi MANDI & family, by the time you read this, I guess you'll be back from your mini vacation, hope you had fun!!
All of these pitures are great and sooo cute and FUNNY!! a swimsuit--OK, so cute!, and as for the scrapbooking, it is so much fun, I have many stickers and things also, in fact I just printed out a few pics. of Anayah, and put some in one of my many scrapbooks with captions, and things.Very time consuming though, especially if you don't keep up with them regularly.
I was suppose to leave a comment, not write a letter!! :)

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