Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finger Foods

Yes, it's been a while. No, I have no excuse other than I just didn't feel like blogging.

Not too much is going on over here. Unless you count baby girl starting to feed herself a big deal. Uh yeah, I do! She's been eating her puffs and yogurt melts for a few weeks now but in the last few days she has progressed to "real" finger foods. Chunks of whatever we're eating (within reason) somehow find its way into her mouth. We can now share a string cheese! And yes, my baby loves her cheese just as much as her momma. 

Yum, cheese crunchies AND string cheese...my favorite snack, mom!

Anayah's buddy Jack started to refuse anything on a spoon so Mandy decided to try some finger food recipes and I offered to help. We attempted to make Apple Turkey Loaf Sticks, Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Potato Pizzas, and Cheesy Veggie Nuggets. Note to self, when you alter the amount of sweet potatoes, also alter the amount of oil. Hehe. For the most part, it all turned out great and Anayah loves all of it. She is so proud of herself that she can eat on her own. She still lets me feed her rice cereal and stuff but I have to make sure to give her bits of food on her tray so she can feed herself as well.

So this is what I've been missing out on huh?! I love finger foods!
Our baby girl is growing up so fast! She's almost fully crawling these days as well. I'll have to show it to you later. I gotta go plan her menus for the rest of the week. One thing about eating "real" foods, it requires more thought on my part to make sure she is getting a balanced meal at every feeding. Good times. 

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Carrie McCray said...

Dont forget the zuccini sticks...She loved those too!

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