Saturday, March 05, 2011

Water Babies

Since the weather has been so nice lately I decided to take advantage. Can you guess where we're going?

 (Swim diaper? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Sunglasses? Check.)

Anayah's friend Jack recently started swim lessons. I really wanted to join them but funds are a bit tight these days. However, Jack graciously offered to teach Anayah everything he is learning in his classes. Yay! Since he has to practice what he is learning anyway, we said, sure, we'd love to join you! Thanks buddy! So, we gathered the kiddos (and all their gear) and headed to the pool.

(Jack, we're going to the pool...why are you wearing long sleeves?!)

 (I thought we were going swimming? Why are you STILL taking pictures??)

The big pool was a bit chilly so we put them in the hot tub instead. It wasn't very hot and the jets weren't on. It kinda felt like their bath we didn't leave them in there very long. Don't freak out on me people. Focus, focus.

 (Who cares about the pool when I have my shadow to entertain me!)

I don't have any pictures of her in the water as that would have been pretty difficult while trying to make sure she didn't drown. Priorities, people. Just know that she is a total water baby. A fish, I tell you! She wasn't afraid at all and just had so much fun! Even when I dunked her under! Both of them did so well and Jack was an excellent teacher! Can't wait to see what we'll learn next week!

(Jack you're the best swim instructor ever!) (Aww Anayah, you're embarrassing me...)


A Von Rosey Life said...

Jack wanted to answer Anayah's question about why is wearing long sleeves. He said, "Anayah, did you not see my body? Oh, you must have been blinded by my whiteness and didn't actually see or understand how white I is like looking directly at the sun! I know you wanted to bask in the glory of my bulging biceps and huge quads, but I care about your sensitive eyes, friend!"

Marisa said...

haha (to the above comment)...YAY!! So glad she was able to use teh bathing suit from A but I CANNOT believe it fits her!!! A could only wear it once at 8 wks when she BARELY squeezed into it, LOL!!! SO FUN!!!

the Hott Spott said...

Maris- It was a bit small on her but I can't find one that I like better so she'll use that one for now :) Thanks for passing it along!

Deborah said...

The pictures and the statements you give them matching their expressions are priceless!!

Carrie McCray said...

Ha, I was going to comment on how that is the cutest swimsuit ever (didnt know it was Alizea's)! I love her coloring...lucky gal will never burn!

PS you are VERY smart to get them started YOUNG in the def want them comfortable! Smart mommies.

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