Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012 :: Illumination

So this is A's third Halloween. I'm sure you remember her previous costumes


Hehe, wasn't she just the cutest?! Anyway, in previous years we've spent Halloween with her buddy Jack, trick-or-treating with his family in their neighborhood. Well this year we decided to switch things up a bit. Miss A is at that age where things are starting to scare her and I really didn't feel like taking her out at night to possibly be exposed to scary costumes/decorations/people and have her freak out. Ummm, nightmares? No thank you. So we decided to attend our church's Halloween alternative called "Illumination." Costumes were allowed as long as they weren't scary. Of course I waited until the last minute to figure out what she was going to be and in the end decided I really didn't want to buy something she would wear once. Sooo what to do, what to do? Raid her closet of course! She must have something in there we can use. This is what we came up with:


having fun at the carnival...the games were too big for her, but she kept herself entertained
after the party, she and Dopey calling her friends to tell them all about it...too bad Dopey is bigger than her!

Aww, she's so cute!! And growing up too fast!! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!


Carrie McCray said...

beautiful snow white! gosh, i love how with little girls everyone just "has a dress up costume lying around." not in our house!

erika said...

care, even at my house we have "dress up costumes lying around"! get with the times!! ;)

omg - her hair!! love love the last photo!! she is so precious looking!!

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